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At Rhines Farms, our commitment to providing exceptional beef products begins with our unwavering dedication to raising cattle in a natural and compassionate manner. We take pride in the meticulous care and respect we offer our cattle, ensuring that they are not only healthy but also produce the most tender and superior beef.

Our approach to cattle farming revolves around several core principles that set us apart:

First and foremost, our cattle are rotationally grazed on lush, nutrient-rich grass. This method allows them to thrive and produce a truly quality product. We believe that what our cattle consume directly impacts the quality of the beef they yield.

Maintaining access to fresh water is of utmost importance throughout the year, whether it's the scorching heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter. This ensures our cattle stay hydrated and healthy, contributing to the overall well-being of the animals.

Our commitment to a low-stress life for our cattle is paramount. They enjoy the freedom of a natural, free-range environment, which minimizes stress levels. We firmly believe that content and happy cattle lead to better beef.

The seedstock for our cattle comes from registered Black Angus Bulls, ensuring the genetic foundation for the highest quality beef. We employ best practices in raising and caring for our cattle, including providing medical attention when needed.

Our cattle's diet consists exclusively of forage raised on our farm. They are grass-fed and grain-finished, with a focus on quality feed to yield top-tier beef. Our approach is simple: Quality feed results in quality beef.

We are proud to declare that our beef is entirely all-natural, free from hormones and antibiotics. This commitment to purity and simplicity aligns with our belief that the best beef is achieved by adhering to nature's design.

Furthermore, our beef undergoes a meticulous dry aging process for 14 days, enhancing its flavor and tenderness. We handle our cattle with care and ensure low-stress interactions to preserve the quality of the meat, resulting in rich marbling that enhances the taste and texture of our beef.

At Rhines Farms, our philosophy is clear: we raise our cattle in a manner that reflects the values we hold dear. If it's not good enough for our own table, it's certainly not good enough for anyone else's. We add nothing artificial; we simply follow the path that nature intended, producing beef that is as exceptional as the care and respect with which we raise our cattle.